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Pastel Chibi Princess Victoria by Lettelira Pastel Chibi Princess Victoria by Lettelira
I have to post something up! Victoria <3 Damn the scanner remove the light pink on her wings D: so they look empty ._.
shes my oc : > and shes constantine's fiancee and later becomes the mother of arielle!If you want to read her story, look for it on my gallery! I made this drawing as an advertisment on facebook!
Information about her:

●Name: Victoria Laitse
●Age: 17
●Height: 5`2 feet
●Weight: 108 ibs.
●Hair Color: Tan Blonde
●Skin Color: Light Tan, with Freckles
●Eye Color: Dark Honey
●Personality: Friendly,Caring,Flirty,Naive, Reponsible
●Royal Status: Princess of Laitse Republic
●Favorite Color: White
●Favorite animal: Rabbit,Lambs and Doves
●Likes: Dancing, Chocolate, Daisies,Full moons, Autumn,
●Dislikes: snakes, cold weather,heavy dresses
●Hobbies: Dancing, Archery, Aiding the need,
●Habit: Bites nails

●Victoria views everything about the world with optimism. As a toddler, her family attended a cultural dance event, gaining her love for dancing. She is very educated, and very knowable on certain subjects. She is loved by her people, as she helps the lower class, and work with the higher classes. She is open and friendly to everyone she interacts with. Victoria is engage to the Prince of the ruling house of Gran Siora. As a princess of a holy kingdom, she must preserve her innocence. However, her innocence currently being shattered as Victoria learns more of her world with her fiancé, Constantine.

Random Facts:

● Although Victoria is very patient, she hates making her hair curly.
● Victoria tends to count her freckles when she is bored.
● Victoria’s hands and feet are a bit longer than the average human, by a few inches, to depict her race.
● Victoria always wears high heels.
● Victoria loves music played from a flute. She dances to it too.
●Victoria loves water, however, she cannot swim.

I will be posting artwork,however, Comments disabled because I will NOT be able to respond to comments like how i used to >_< Instead, you can show by :+fav: this. I know it is not the same but it will mean a lot to me <3

:facebook: Enter my free art giveaway XD, just "like" my page" [link] I will also post WIPS of work</sup>

~If you have any questions ,please read here. <3 All my materials can be listed here [link]

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●Media:: ,Copic Markers ,Pencils and white paint,
●Time:: 2 1/2 hours
●Character and Drawing© *Lettelira
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February 24, 2013
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